eBay for Charity

You can now raise funds for the VPS when visiting eBay, as we are signed up with the eBay for Charity scheme. There are several ways in which you can raise funds for us, depending on whether you're selling things, buying things or just visiting.

Selling things on eBay

When you list an item for sale on eBay, you can select the VPS from a list of charities and then opt to donate anything from 10% to 100% of the sale of that item to us. The item will then be marked wtih the eBay for Charity ribbon and our logo so that the buyer knows that a percentage of the sale will be donated to the VPS.

Buying things on eBay

As a buyer, you have a number of different ways of finding items on eBay which are being sold in aid of the VPS. Probably the easiest of these is to go to the eBay for Charity homepage, search for the Vulval Pain Society as a charity and check which items have the ribbon and are being sold in our aid. The donation process is then automatic when you buy the item. There are other methods of shopping you can use to support us, though, and you can find out more about these in the FAQs on the eBay for Charity page under 'How can I shop for charity?'

Another way of donating to the VPS when buying an item on eBay is to choose to make a donation to us at the checkout. This is on top of the price of the item, but has the advantage that you can use this method with any item on eBay regardless of whether or not it's listed as being an eBay for Charity item.

Just visiting eBay

Finally, it's also possible to make a donation to the VPS when visitng eBay without any sale or purchase. All you need to do is to search for us on the eBay for Charity homepage, click the 'View' button to see our charity page, then press the 'Donate Now' button. The donation will be made using PayPal.

More information

We hope that the above doesn't sound too confusing! If you'd like further information on how to raise funds for us on eBay, we recommend reading through the Frequently Asked Questions on the eBay for Charity page.