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VPS signs up to eBay for Charity

You can now raise funds for the VPS when you're on eBay, as we've recently signed up to the eBay for Charity scheme. Sellers of items on eBay can choose to donate a percentage of the sale price to us, and buyers can look for items sold in aid of the VPS, or just make a donation to us at the online checkout for any item. You can even just make a donation to the VPS using PayPal whilst browsing eBay, whether or not you buy or sell anything. To find out more about using eBay for Charity, see the relevant page on the VPS website, or visit the eBay site directly. 

NEW - Transcripts page on VPS website

Work is ongoing to make the VPS website more accessible to all users, and as part of this, we have recently set up a new Transcripts page. At the moment, this new page contains links to webpage transcripts of some of the VPS podcasts from our Listen and watch page, including presentations from our recent Super Workshop in May 2015. However, we hope eventually to be able to offer transcripts of all of our audiovisual content, including the podcasts, the webinars and anything else which involves listening or watching.

Each transcript contains a link back to the original podcast or webinar, so that readers can if desired use the transcript to follow the podcast. There are also links to relevant content such as research references elsewhere on the web.

We're hoping that the transcripts will help to open up our multimedia content to a wider readership, but in the meantime, if you have any comments or feedback to offer, do get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   

VPS Super Workshop 2015: presentations now available to download and read

You can now watch and listen to three new VPS podcasts, which were three presentations given at our Super Workshop in London on 9 May 2015. Two of the podcasts are audio only, whilst the other has slides.

Read more: VPS Super Workshop 2015: presentations now available to download and read

NEW - Participants needed for UK study on chronic pelvic pain and vulval pain (University of Southampton, Southampton, UK)

The University of Southampton are looking for female participants for the final phase of their project on chronic pelvic pain and vulval pain, which was first launched in 2014. This new online study aims to develop a questionnaire that can be used to assess the impact of chronic pelvic pain and vulval pain on women's lives.

If you're female, aged 18 or over, and have experienced pelvic pain and/or vulval pain for a minimum of three months, then you are eligiible to take part in the study.    

To find out more about the study, please visit our Current research page.

Smears without Tears: new revised smear guide now available for download!

We're very happy to announce that you can now download our brand new, fully revised leaflet version of Smears without Tears, our patient's guide to making a speculum exam more comfortable. The guide offers physical, practical and psychological tips for getting the best out of smear tests and other speculum examinations and minimising any possible discomfort or distress. It's aimed chiefly at women with vulval or vaginal pain, but we think the guide may be helpful for anyone who is uncomfortable with smear tests. Smears without Tears has been jointly developed by the Vulval Pain Society and the London Vulval Pain Support Group, from whose site the guide can also be downloaded.

Download Smears without Tears: A woman's guide to making a speculum examination more comfortable       

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If you've enjoyed anything on the VPS website, or found it interesting or useful, you can now share a link to many of the items here by clicking on our new social media share buttons, where these appear at the end of an item - there's an example of the buttons at the end of this item.

From left to right, the buttons are for Facebook, Twitter, email and Linkedin. Clicking on them will share a link to the article on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, or via email if you prefer.

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VPS Webinar with David Nunns, 'Vulvodynia research update' - full video presentation now viewable online

You can now watch the full video recording of the very first VPS webinar held on 16 January 2013. In this webinar, Dr David Nunns of the VPS discussed contemporary vulvodynia research, including the use of enoxaparin injections and Melissa Farmer's groundbreaking 2011 study in which vulvodynia symptoms were reproduced in mice.

Read more: VPS Webinar with David Nunns, 'Vulvodynia research update' - full video presentation now viewable...

UPDATE: British Association of Dermatologists Vulval Health Survey 2015

Please note that this survey is now CLOSED. The survey page says to look out for the announcement of the result soon, so as soon as we have any news on that we will be posting it here and on our Older studies page.