This section contains all the latest news and information from the Vulval Pain Society.

Listen to 'Airing Pain: The power of the mind' podcast

UK pain charity Pain Concern produce Airing Pain, a series of audio podcasts dealing wtih different aspects of pain from both the patient's and the health professional's perspectives. Listen to Programme 47: The power of the mind, which looks at new techniques using both the brain and the mind to control pain. You might also be interested in the many other programmes available in the series. All the podcasts can be played online, or downloaded from the site for later use. Transcripts are available for some of the programmes as well. Happy listening!  

UPDATE: Liverpool University vulval pain study

We are pleased to be able to report that this study, 'Vulval pain: the journey to diagnosis', which explores women's psychological journey from first symptoms of vulval pain to a formal diagnosis, has had sufficient participant response for analysis and is therefore now closed. Further news and updates on the work will be posted here and on our Older studies page once these are available.

UPDATE: Southampton University vulvodynia study

The Southampton University study exploring the experience of vulval pain for UK women and their partners is now closed to new participants.

The results of the study are currently being written up, and a summary of the findings will be posted here as soon as this becomes available - so do watch this space.

Painful Sex vs 'Normal' Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Women4Real have recently released a short video which was made to raise awareness of vulvodynia and painful sex. The video has been made independently of the Vulval Pain Society (VPS) by Sally Turner and Sabine Tyrvainen, who run Women4Real.

You can view Women4Real's film on YouTube here:

Read more: Painful Sex vs 'Normal' Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Garden party fundraising for the VPS

VPS supporter Andy Shelton has been fundraising for us in York with a garden party and garage café.

Read more: Garden party fundraising for the VPS

VPS joins Just Text Giving

We have recently joined Just Text Giving, which means that we can now receive donations by text.

To make a donation to the Vulval Pain Society, just text DNKT11 to 70070 with the amount you wish to donate, e.g. £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

Alternatively, for other ways of making a donation, see Support the VPS.

Journey through Pudendal Neuralgia

Margaret Stubbs, who suffers from pudendal neuralgia (a form of pelvic nerve pain), has written a book, Journey through Pudendal Neuralgia, about her personal experience of the condition, including the various treatments she has tried. For further details about the book, including where to obtain it, read on...

VPS webinars - past presentation downloads now available

The VPS has put up a new page on this website, VPS Webinars, which we hope will provide everything you need to know about our free VPS Webinars. The page is still under construction, but amongst other things, it will allow you to download past webinar presentations. At present, you can download the slides from Dr Winston de Mello's presentation of 21 May 2013, 'Management of Vulval Pain', plus an audio recording (MP3) of the Q&A session. You can also now watch Prof Wendy Reid's presentation of 1 May 2013, 'Vulval Pain - Present knowledge' from a PC, laptop or notebook, watch the presentation from a smartphone or tablet or download the slides, plus we now have the cleaned up audio recording (MP3) of the presentation.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that these presentations contain medical photos and images and may therefore not be 'safe for work'.