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VPS Webinar 1, 16 January 2013: Vulvodynia research update - Dr David Nunns

In this first webinar, which was held in January 2013, Dr David Nunns of the VPS discusses current research on vulvodynia, including the use of enoxaparin injections and Melissa Farmer's groundbreaking 2011 study in which vulvodynia symptoms were reproduced in mice.

Watch Dr Nunns' presentation (31 mins 40 secs)

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VPS Webinar 2, 1 May 2013: Vulval Pain: Present knowledge - Prof Wendy Reid

These are slides and an audio recording of Prof Wendy Reid's VPS Webinar presentation which she gave online on 1 May 2013. The full set of slides can be downloaded as a PDF, but both the online presentation and the MP3 recording leave out two slides from the beginning of the presentation. This is because due to technical issues, we unfortunately don't have the original audio which accompanied these slides. Please note, therefore, that the soundtrack begins mid-sentence, and also that due to the online format, the sound occasionally drops out very briefly before resuming.   

We would also advise that this presentation does contain material of a graphic nature, and may not therefore be 'safe for work'.

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VPS Webinar 3, 21 May 2013: Management of Vulval Pain - Dr Winston de Mello

VPS note: Usually, for confidentiality reasons, we do not record the Q & A session during VPS webinars. However, due to technical issues which delayed the start of Dr de Mello’s presentation, most of the session was given over to the Q & A on this occasion. We have therefore decided to include both the Q & A and the presentation in this recording. With regard to confidentiality, please be assured that only one participant’s (first) name was mentioned and she has kindly given permission for us to make the recording public.

VPS Webinar 4, 1 October 2014: Maintaining Intimacy - Ms Krystal Woodbridge