Email and internet-only vulval pain support groups in the UK

This page includes email support groups, internet support groups and social media support groups for people with vulval pain (and in some cases other kinds of chronic pain). All groups listed here are internet-only: for UK-based vulval pain support groups which meet up in person as well as via email, please see our page Vulval pain support groups in the UK. The groups listed below are aimed primarily at people in the UK, but some (e.g. Vaco) have a wider remit, and may have members from outside the UK. 



Yahoo groups are collections of messages or mailing lists which you can either view online or download as email messages as preferred. Note that joining one Yahoo group will give you a username and password which you can then use for any other Yahoo group/mailing list.  



Facebook support groups work in a similar way to the Yahoo groups described above. If you're not already signed up with Facebook, you will need to do so in order to join a group, but once you've done this, you can easily join other Facebook groups without needing any more accounts.  

Colourful photo of daffodils, tulips, bluebells and other flowers, linking to Pudendal Neuralgia and Vulvodynia UK's Facebook support group

  • Pudendal Neuralgia and Vulvodynia UK are a transitional group which allows ladies to join a secret Facebook group once the administrator of the group has had contact with them. As the official group's members want it to remain secret, we can't provide details here, but if you follow the above link to the group and (if necessary) sign up with Facebook, you can contact the administrator for details on how to join the group itself.

Partners of Vulvodynia logo linking to the group's Facebook page

  • Partners of Vulvodynia is a new Facebook group for men whose partners suffer from vulval pain. They say 'This group has been set up for men whose partners are suffering from vulvodynia. It's important that we offer support and help raise awareness around this rare condition'. To join the group, sign up with Facebook if you need to, then just follow the above link to the group page and follow the instructions on the page.